Why Natural Yeast is Good for You

Why Natural Yeast is Good for You

Do you feel bloated after eating bread?
Do you know someone who has celiac disease or gluten allergies?

Yeast is an important ingredient in the process of bread making. It’s used to help dough rise and keep bread light and airy. Without yeast, you get unleavened breads like our favourite Indian breads, naan and chapati or Lebanese breads. Love fluffy red bean buns or the crackle from a good baguette? That’s all thanks to yeast bacteria.

Since bread was first made, yeast was always cultivated from natural sources like berries. There are over 1,000 varieties of wild yeast and they’re so small, millions of them can fit into a spoon. They break down the harmful portions in grains, maximise the nutritional availability of the good minerals, vitamins and fibre in wheat and most importantly, converts wheat into an easily digestible food that will not spike your blood sugar level. Simply put, natural yeast makes really tasty bread that’s healthy for you.

Unfortunately, as time and technology progresses, more and more people are demanding bread to be made fast. In the 1980s, instant yeasts or also known as baker’s yeasts were introduced. These yeasts could rise dough much faster than their natural cousins and was much easier for bakers to work with. Strangely enough, doctors also began to see a disturbing trends of spikes in celiac disease and gluten intolerance and wheat allergies. Perhaps natural is better after all?

Natural yeast in its slow fermentation process, also produces organic acids that lower the glycemic index of bread. Breads made with natural yeast help you feel full longer and doesn’t give you a sugar crash unlike “instant” breads.

At Butter & Olive, we started our bakery with the mission of making delicious bakes that taste good and is great for health. We use them much like how bakers in the past used to. Today, we’re proud to say all our breads are made with natural yeast from strains that we cultivate and nourish daily. So, come on over and experience the benefits of natural bread.

Enjoy your daily slice!

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