We have a dream and an ideal.


Can breads and pastries be delicious and healthy at the same time?

Sure they can. We started Butter & Olive Pastry House in pursuit of that ideal. From the outset, we made it our calling to craft awesome breads, pastries and cakes that are not only pretty and tasty but most importantly, good for you and your family. What comes out of our kitchens are inspired by Asian and European flavours, Japanese craftsmanship and Taiwanese baking magic.


Today, that care and persistence for delectable, fulfilling and healthy bakes shows in our range of buns, breads, cakes and fine pastries.


” You can taste it in our savoury offerings because we use only Himalayan salt and olive oil. You can feel it in our bread loaves as we only raise them with natural yeast (those with a sensitive gut will surely know the difference) and use unbleached flour. You can savour it in our cakes and pastries as we only use cane sugar and pure butter. “


Everything is made by hand with ingredients that you can pronounce. Sometimes friends ask us why we use such premium ingredients but our answer is always that “there’s no short-ening for health (forgive the pun)”.


We started in 2011 with one small bakery. Today, with 14 outlets all over Malaysia, we’re proud to be giving our customers the best of both taste and health. Now you can have your cake and eat it too (no pun intended).


So come on over and pick up your morning loaf, snack buns, tea-time pastries or party cake at Butter & Olive Pastry House!


But if you’re one of those time-starved moms or dads, fret no more. Just order online from our extensive menu of bakes, and get them delivered to you. Your kids will thank you.


How we do, what we do


The story of our breads begin the night before. A precise blend of flour, water and natural yeast is mixed carefully, then kept in a temperature-controlled environment overnight. Over 12 hours, the yeast ferments completely. Natural processes transform simple ingredients into nourishing bread. We call it slow-proof.


It’s 5 am. We turn on the music, knead the dough by hand, shape it into bread loaves and buns and oven-bake them.


The best part of the day is the aroma of bakes wafting out the oven. We cool the loaves to allow the starches in the bread time to set, which also gives the breads a delightful texture.


Fresh loaves and buns are wrapped and displayed in the front of our bakeries. So come by, and be wowed by the sheer variety of our breads, pastries and cakes.